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Which three terms describe the primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Chose three)

A.    provides end-user connectivity
B.    provides high speed transport
C.    provides QoS services
D.    enforces security policies
E.    provides WAN connection
F.    connects access devices to the core backbone

Answer: CDF

DataQuirk is a web-based medical transcription company for exotic-animal veterinarians. The company recently added a third ISP for international business. They are organizing the enterprise network into a fully operational Enterprise Edge.
To which two modules will the three ISPs be directly related? (Choose two.)

A.    PSTN
B.    E-commerce
D.    Edge Distribution
E.    internet Connectivity
F.    Remote Access VPN

Answer: BE

Which codec does Cisco recommend tor WAN link?

A.    G.711
B.    G 723
C.    G 728
D.    G 729

Answer: D

Which codec does Cisco recommend for WAN links?

A.    G.711
B.    G.723
C.    G.728
D.    G.729

Answer: D

When considering the three VoIP design modelssingle site, centralized multisite, and distributed multisite which question below would help to eliminate one of the options?

A.    Will the switches be required to provide inline power?
B.    Will users need to make offsite calls, beyond the enterprise?
C.    Will users require applications such as voice mail and interactive voice response?
D.    Are there users whose only enterprise access is via a QoS-enabled WAN?

Answer: D

The enterprise campus core layer has requirements that are unique from the distribution and access layers. Which of the following is true about the core layer?

A.    The core layer provides convergence using Layer 2 and Layer 3 services and features.
B.    The core layer provides high availability to support the distribution layer connections to the
enterprise edge.
C.    The campus core layer is optional.
D.    The core layer requires high performance to manage the traffic policing across the backbone.

Answer: C

Which one of these statements is true concerning the data center distribution (aggregation) layer design?

A.    With Layer 3 at the aggregation layer, the physical loops in the topology must still be managed
by STP.
B.    The boundary between Layer 2 and Layer 3 must reside in the multilayer switches, independent
of any other devices such as firewalls or content switching devices.
C.    A mix of both Layer 2 and Layer 3 access is sometimes the most optimal.
D.    In a small data center, the aggregation layer can connect directly to the campus core, exchanging
IP routes and MAC address tables.

Answer: C

When designing the threat detection and mitigation portion for the enterprise data center network, which of the following would be the most appropriate solution to consider?

A.    802.1X
B.    ACLs in the core layer
C.    Cisco Security MARS
D.    Cisco Firewall Services Module

Answer: C

A Cisco Self-Defending Network has been installed, but DoS attacks are still being directed at e- commerce hosts. The connection rate at the Internet firewall was limited, but the problem persists.
What more can be done?

A.    Move the servers to the DMZ.
B.    Install all relevant operating system patches.
C.    Block the servers’ TCP traffic at the Internet firewall.
D.    Block the servers’ UDP traffic at the Internet firewall.

Answer: B

RST Corporation is planning to upgrade its current network. The chief technology officer has supplied a topology diagram and an IP addressing scheme of the current network during an interview.
RST has been growing at about twenty percent per year. It has been difficult to maintain customer support at a satisfactory level. Therefore, the RST board has met with and directed the chief technology officer to look into network improvements.
Which two items are most relevant in documenting RST’s business requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    existing network topologies
B.    network performance requirements
C.    the IP addresses assigned by the ISP
D.    improved customer support requirements
E.    projected growth estimates

Answer: DE

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