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Exam Code: 300-209
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions
Certification Provider: Cisco

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Which option describes what address preservation with IPsec Tunnel Mode allows when GETVPN is used?

A.    stronger encryption methods
B.    Network Address Translation of encrypted traffic
C.    traffic management based on original source and destination addresses
D.    Tunnel Endpoint Discovery

Answer: C

Which feature is available in IKEv1 but not IKEv2?

A.    Layer 3 roaming
B.    aggressive mode
C.    EAP variants
D.    sequencing

Answer: B

Which feature is enabled by the use of NHRP in a DMVPN network?

A.    host routing with Reverse Route Injection
B.    BGP multiaccess
C.    host to NBMA resolution
D.    EIGRP redistribution

Answer: C

Which statement about the hub in a DMVPN configuration with iBGP is true?

A.    It must be a route reflector client.
B.    It must redistribute EIGRP from the spokes.
C.    It must be in a different AS.
D.    It must be a route reflector.

Answer: D

Which command can you use to monitor the phase 1 establishment of a FlexVPN tunnel?

A.    show crypto ipsec sa
B.    show crypto isakmp sa
C.    show crypto ikev2 sa
D.    show ip nhrp

Answer: C

Which interface is managed by the VPN Access Interface field in the Cisco ASDM IPsec Site-to- Site VPN Wizard?

A.    the local interface named “VPN_access”
B.    the local interface configured with crypto enable
C.    the local interface from which traffic originates
D.    the remote interface with security level 0

Answer: B

You are troubleshooting a DMVPN NHRP registration failure. Which command can you use to view request counters?

A.    show ip nhrp nhs detail
B.    show ip nhrp tunnel
C.    show ip nhrp incomplete
D.    show ip nhrp incomplete tunnel tunnel_interface_number

Answer: A

Which three commands are included in the command show dmvpn detail? (Choose three.)

A.    show ip nhrp nhs
B.    show dmvpn
C.    show crypto session detail
D.    show crypto ipsec sa detail
E.    show crypto sockets
F.    show ip nhrp

Answer: ABC

Which option describes the purpose of the command show derived-config interface virtual-access 1?

A.    It verifies that the virtual access interface is cloned correctly with per-user attributes.
B.    It verifies that the virtual template created the tunnel interface.
C.    It verifies that the virtual access interface is of type Ethernet.
D.    It verifies that the virtual access interface is used to create the tunnel interface.

Answer: A

Which two RADIUS attributes are needed for a VRF-aware FlexVPN hub? (Choose two.)

A.    ip:interface-config=ip unnumbered loobackn
B.    ip:interface-config=ip vrf forwarding ivrf
C.    ip:interface-config=ip src route
D.    ip:interface-config=ip next hop
E.    ip:interface-config=ip neighbor

Answer: AB

Which functionality is provided by L2TPv3 over FlexVPN?

A.    the extension of a Layer 2 domain across the FlexVPN
B.    the extension of a Layer 3 domain across the FlexVPN
C.    secure communication between servers on the FlexVPN
D.    a secure backdoor for remote access users through the FlexVPN

Answer: A

When you troubleshoot Cisco AnyConnect, which step does Cisco recommend before you open a TAC case?

A.    Show applet Lifecycle exceptions.
B.    Disable cookies.
C.    Enable the WebVPN cache.
D.    Collect a DART bundle.

Answer: D

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