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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB3-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Installation & Configuration

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You are installing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on a workstation that has an existing instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.
What happens when you install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?

A.    The existing instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP is automatically upgraded.
B.    The Instance Selection window appears so you can choose to create a new instance or configure
the existing instance.
C.    The existing instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP is automatically uninstalled.
D.    The install process fails until you manually uninstall the existing instance.

Answer: B

A workstation cannot access Letters and OLE Notes.
You need to change the path for Letters and OLE Notes to the correct directory.
Which file on the workstation should you modify?

A.    Dynamics.set
B.    DynUtils.set
C.    Dynamics.dic
D.    Dex.ini

Answer: D

You plan to create an Automatic Update.
What do you need to do first?

A.    Create a mapped letter drive on each client workstation to the UNC path where the update file
is located.
B.    Ask all to users exit Microsoft Dynamics GP.
C.    Change the role for all users to POWERUSER. Have each user install the automatic update.
D.    Install the service pack on one computer and use Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities to complete the
database update.

Answer: D

Which two Microsoft Dynamics GP resources should be hacked up regularly? (Each correct answer a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Dynamics.dic
B.    Forms.dic
C.    Dex.ini
D.    Reports.dic

Answer: BD
B: Modified forms are stored in the forms dictionary (FORMS.DIC).
There is a forms dictionary for each installed product (CMFRM.DIC, etc.) and you might have customized reports in multiple dictionaries.
D: Modified reports are stored in the reports dictionary (REPORTS.DIC).
There is a reports dictionary for each installed product (CMRPT.DIC, etc.) and you might have customized reports in multiple dictionaries.
A: Standard reports are stored in the application dictionary (DYNAMICS.DIC).
There is an application dictionary for each installed product (CM.DIC, etc.)

When using an installation package for deployment, the user should have read and write permission to the location of the:
Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Letter folder.
B.    Microsoft Dynamics GP Code folder.
C.    OLE Notes folder.
D.    SQL folder.

Answer: AC

What is a key benefit of using a client installation package?

A.    It allow users the flexibility to install their selection of Microsoft Dynamics GP modules
B.    It maintains consistent and centrally managed application deployment
C.    Implementers can combine multiple localities into the one client installation package
D.    User setup and security is included in a client installation package

Answer: B

Automatic Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP can be delivered as:
Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    batch files.
B.    .CNK files for customizations.
C.    executables.
D.    Windows installer patch files.

Answer: BD

After the DYNAMICS database has been initialized, you need to modify the system password. Where can you perform this action?

A.    Microsoft Dynamic GP Utilities
B.    Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
C.    System Password Setup window
D.    User Setup window

Answer: C

From the User Preference window, you can:
Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    grant your user access to modified reports.
B.    edit User Class preferences.
C.    edit your Reminder preferences.
D.    select a default Sales Document Type.

Answer: CD

Which two statements regarding using Terminal Server and virtualization with Microsoft Dynamics GP are true? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Software virtualization is not supported.
B.    Remote Desktop Services is supported in a WAN environment.
C.    RAM requirements are less in a virtual environment.
D.    Terminal Server is supported only for Microsoft Dynamics GP clients.

Answer: BD
* Pros of a Terminal Server only implementation
Following are the benefits of a Terminal Server only implementation:
No need to upgrade any workstations:
This may be a great approach for companies where many client computers do not meet the requirements for Dynamics GP and there are no other reasons to upgrade.
Installation, updates, maintenance, and support are all simplified tremendously:
For environments where there are limited IT resources, it is a great deal easier, not to mention less expensive, to install, maintain, and support the Dynamics GP client application on a Terminal Server as opposed to multiple client workstations. For implementations that have already planned on a Terminal Server for remote users, it may add only a small incremental amount of work and cost to set up the rest of the users on the same Terminal Server.
Not A:
* Several virtual environments are supported. These include:
Hardware Virtualization
Software Virtualization
Microsoft Virtual PC
Microsoft Virtual Server
Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.6
Microsoft SoftGrid 4.2
* When you deploy a system in a virtual environment, make sure that you have sufficient hard disk space to avoid performance problems. Each computer that you deploy in a virtual environment should meet or exceed the random access memory (RAM) requirements and the hard disk space requirements.
Not C: Memory requirements increase in a virtual environment compared to a terminal server (thin client) environment.

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