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Refer to the exhibit. A customer network uses OSPFv2 and MP-BGP protocols. A network administrator installs a new Cisco Nexus Switch in the data center but experiences a BGP RIB failure. Which action solves the issue?

A. Change the administrative distance of OSPF to 220
B. Configure the route as a BGP backdoor
C. Use a filter list for OSPF to filter both routes
D. Implement next-hop-self

Answer: D

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Drag and Drop Question
An engineer must configure the HSRP protocol to implement redundancy using two Cisco Nexus Series Switches, in addition, me HSRP must meet these requirements:
• switch1 must retain the primary role if switch2 goes offline.
• switch1 must retain the primary role until normal conditions are restored.
• switch1 and switch2 must ensure that the routing tables are converged before taking the active role.
• switch2 must retain the primary role if the default gateway is not reachable.
Drag and drop the configuration commands from the right to the left to meet the requirements. The commands are used more than once. Not all commands are used.


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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must modify the existing QoS policy-map statement to implement LLQ for voice traffic. Which change must the engineer make in the configuration?

A. bandwidth 170 to LLQ 170
B. bandwidth 170 to priority 170
C. bandwidth 170 to reserve 170
D. bandwidth 170 to percent 170

Answer: D

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An enterprise refactors its monolithic application into a modem cloud-native application that is based on microservices.
A key requirement of the application design is to ensure that the IT team is aware of performance issues or bottlenecks in the new application.
Which two approaches must be part of the design considerations” (Choose two.)

A. Periodically scale up the resources of the host machines when the application starts to experience high loads
B. Instrument the application code to gather telemetry data from logs, metrics or tracing
C. Adopt a service-oriented architecture to handle communication between the services that make up the application
D. Deploy infrastructure monitoring agents into the operating system of the host machines
E. Implement infrastructure monitoring to ensure that pipeline components interoperate smoothly and reliably

Answer: BE

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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer needs to remove the device with serialQ134_06776318 FROM THE NETWORK `ENAUTO by utilizing Meraki APIs. Which line of code must be added to the box where the code is missing to complete the python request?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Answer: A

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Refer to Exhibit. A network engineer is trying to retrieve SNMP MIBs with RESTCONF on the Cisco switch but fails. End-to-end routing is in place. Which configuration must the engineer implement on the switch to complete?

A. netconf-yang cisco-ia snamp-community-string Public
B. snmp-server community cosco RW
C. snmp-server community public RO
D. netconf-yang cisco-Ia snmp-community-string Private

Answer: D


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An engineer must define a URL object on Cisco FMC.
What is the correct method to specify the URL without performing SSL inspection?

A. Use Subject Common Name value.
B. Specify all subdomains in the object group.
C. Specify the protocol in the object.
D. Include all URLs from CRL Distribution Points.

Answer: A

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An engineer must advertise a selection of external networks learned from a BGP neighbor into the ACI fabric. Which L3Out subnet configuration option creates an inbound route map for route filtering?

A. External Subnets for the External EPG
B. Shared Route Control Subnet
C. Import Route Control Subnet
D. Shared Security Import Subnet

Answer: C

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An engineer must repurpose a lab WLC appliance for use in the production environment of the enterprise. After the new WLC is configured with the information of the other WLC, the mobility tunnels are still not coming up. What is the reason?

A. A firewall is blocking UDP port 16667 between the WLCs.
B. The WLC management interfaces are in the same VLAN.
C. The hardware platform is incompatible.
D. The mobility groups are different.

Answer: D

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An analyst wants to upload an infected file containing sensitive information to a hybrid-analysis sandbox. According to the NIST.SP 800-150 guide to cyber threat information sharing, what is the analyst required to do before uploading the file to safeguard privacy?

A. Verify hash integrity.
B. Remove all personally identifiable information.
C. Ensure the online sandbox is GDPR compliant.
D. Lock the file to prevent unauthorized access.

Answer: B

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