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What business trend allows employees to use personal devices to access enterprise data and systems?

A.    ISE
B.    BYOD
C.    SAN
D.    IOE

Answer: B
What three customer supported details identifies network requirements based on the PPDIOO design model? (Choose three.)

A.    goals
B.    budget
C.    user needs
D.    locations
E.    policies
F.    tasks

Answer: ABC
An engineer receives a resource utilization alert on a router. What command should be used to investigate the issue?

A.    show processes cpu
B.    show memory
C.    show running-config
D.    show version

Answer: A
What part of the network does a top-down network design focus on for solution development?

A.    presentation
B.    hardware
C.    session
D.    application
E.    data link
F.    transport

Answer: D
An engineer has configured a router to send level 7 messages to a syslog server. What severity level are these messages?

A.    error
B.    warning
C.    debug
D.    informational
E.    notice

Answer: C
A network engineer must implement a design where LAN clients are to connect to various access layer devices, while remaining on the same VLAN . What type of design would support this requirement?

A.    routed
B.    switched
C.    tunneled
D.    virtual

Answer: B
When evaluating network designs, what indicator demonstrates that the modular approach was followed?

A.    ability to scale
B.    follows best practices
C.    redundant connectivity
D.    easy to deploy

Answer: A
A network engineer is following the Cisco enterprise architecture model. To which network layer would a branch office connect to using a private WAN?

A.    Enterprise Campus
B.    Enterprise Edge
C.    SP Edge Premise
D.    Remote Module

Answer: D
A network engineer is following the three tiered Network Hierarchical Model. At which tier is route summarization implemented?

A.    core
B.    distribution
C.    backbone
D.    access

Answer: B
A network engineer is using the Cisco enterprise architecture model. In what module do network management servers reside?

A.    Enterprise Campus
B.    Enterprise Edge
C.    Remote Modules
D.    SP Edge WAN/internet

Answer: A

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