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You are creating new sales agreements for a new customer.
The commitment type is configured to be product quantity commitment.
Which two settings are available for this type of agreement and unavailable for other types of agreements? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Amount
B.    Unit
C.    Discount
D.    Quantity

Answer: BC

You are the purchasing agent for your company.
You need to create a request for quotation (RFQ) for a product that is not in the item drop- down list.
Which type of line item should you create?

A.    Category
B.    Open
C.    Solicitation
D.    Item

Answer: C

Your company receives a shipment of not-stocked items from your supplier.
You need to receive the items into inventory.
What should you do?

A.    Register the item and create a product receipt.
B.    Create a stock movement journal for the item.
C.    Register the item and create an item arrival journal.
D.    Create a receipts list form the purchase order.

Answer: C

You are the accounts receivable manager.
You need to match customer invoices to payments that will be recorded by searching invoice lines that meet selected criteria.
Which search option should you user?

A.    Bridging method
B.    Settlements
C.    Create lines
D.    Payment proposal

Answer: B

You work for an apparel company.
You are creating a new category hierarchy.
How many levels can be added to the category hierarchy?

A.    two
B.    ten
C.    unlimited
D.    one

Answer: B

You are the payroll manager for your company.
You are responsible for paying commission to sales personal.
One rule for the company is to pay a higher commission rate for new customers.
You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade to calculate these amounts.
What should you set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX to capture the sales from those customers defined as new?

A.    Commission posting
B.    Commission calculation
C.    Customer group for commissions
D.    Sales group

Answer: D

You are the accounts payable payment clerk at your company.
While you are printing check, one of the checks gets jammed in the printer and must be reprinted.
Which feature should you use to cancel the damaged check?

A.    Settle transactions
B.    Void the payment
C.    Payment reversal
D.    Undo settlement

Answer: C


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