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Click the Exhibit button. The exhibit shows information about data in Jane’s home directory. Which answer describes where the directory named dir1 is stored within the file system?

A.    In the inode associated with directory dir1
B.    In the directory file called dir1
C.    In the ACL associated with dir1
D.    In the directory file called widgets
E.    In the inode associated with directory widgets
F.    In the ACL associated with widgets

Answer: D

Jane is trying to configure the swat utility. The software and man pages are located in the /usr/sfw directory. When Jane attempts to use the man command the following message appears:
$ man swat No manual entry for swat.
Choose the command that Jane can execute to display the man page?

A.    man /usr/sfw/swat
B.    man -f /usr/sfw/swat
C.    man -M /usr/sfw/man swat
D.    man -s 1M swat

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button. Examine the exhibit. Choose the answer the best describes the 8th field of the output of an ls command.

A.    file creation time
B.    inode change time
C.    last access time
D.    last modify time

Answer: D

Consider the following command:
$ cal 9 1752
The cal command is followed by which one of the following choices?

A.    arguments
B.    options
C.    variables
D.    preferences

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button. The exhibit is a listing of your current directory. Based on the information shown, choose the file from the listing that is a regular file.

A.    acme
B.    instance
C.    screen
D.    door_pipe

Answer: D
Click the Exhibit button. Jane has listed the contents of her home directory as shown in the exhibit. Choose which command she would have entered to produce this output.
A.    ls -lR
B.    ls -lLR
C.    ls -lr
D.    ls -LR *
E.    ls -lr *

Answer: A


You’re logging into the system as user Val, you are notified upon login that you must change your user password on the system. Your current password is 2co0lu! Choose the password that meets the requirements for a user changing the password on a Solaris 10 system.

A.    2co0l4u
B.    valiscol
C.    2C00L4u2
D.    321 123!

Answer: C

Tina has executed the following command:
$ affiliate.sh 2>>/var/log/worklog
Choose the statement that is true concerning this command.

A.    stdin is redirected to a file.
B.    stderr is redirected to a file.
C.    stdout is redirected to a file.
D.    all output from the script is redirected to a file.

Answer: B

Jane is about to edit a file with the vi editor. She executes the following command:
$ vi ./customer_sat.txt
Choose the vi editor mode that Jane will be using when the file is opened.

A.    command mode
B.    edit mode
C.    last line mode
D.    ex mode

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button. The exhibit shows a listing of Jane’s directory. Consider the entry repair. Choose the commands that might have been used to create this file.

A.    cp /export/home/jane/things/fixit /export/home/jane/repair
B.    ln /export/home/jane/repair /export/home/jane/things/fixit
C.    ln /export/home/jane/things/fixit /export/home/jane/repair
D.    mkfile 32b /export/home/jane/repair
E.    ln -s /export/home/jane/things/fixit /export/home/jane/repair
F.    ln -s /export/home/jane/repair /export/home/jane/things/fixit

Answer: E
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