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Which cache management algorithm is based on the assumption that data will not be requested by the host when it has not been accessed for a while?

A.    LRU
B.    HWM
C.    LWM
D.    MRU

Answer: A

What does the area ID of the FC address identify?

A.    Group of ports within a switch
B.    An individual port within a fabric
C.    Location of the name server within the fabric
D.    Unique number provided to each switch in the fabric

Answer: A

An organization performs copy on first access (CoFA) replication to create a local replica of application data. To perform a successful restore, what should be considered?

A.    Source devices must be healthy
B.    Save location size must be larger than the size of all source devices
C.    Save location size must be equal to the size of all source devices
D.    All changes to the source and replica must be discarded before the restore starts

Answer: A

Which host component eliminates the need to deploy separate adapters for FC and Ethernet communications?

A.    Converged network adapter
B.    TCP Offload Engine NIC
C.    FCIP bridging adapter
D.    iSCSI host bus adapter

Answer: A

What is a function of unified management software in cloud computing?

A.    Defining cloud service attributes
B.    Consolidating infrastructure resources scattered across one or more data centers
C.    Metering based on usage of resources by the consumer
D.    Providing an interface to consumers to request cloud services

Answer: A

Which EMC product provides the capability to recover data up to any point-in-time?

A.    RecoverPoint
B.    NetWorker
C.    Avamar
D.    Data Domain

Answer: A

What is needed to perform a non-disruptive migration of virtual machines (VMs) between hypervisors?

A.    Hypervisors must have access to the same storage volume
B.    Physical machines running hypervisors must have the same configuration
C.    Hypervisors must be running within the same physical machine
D.    Both hypervisors must have the same IP address

Answer: A

Which iSCSI name requires an organization to own a registered domain name?

A.    IQN
B.    EUI
C.    WWNN
D.    WWPN

Answer: A

Which data center requirement refers to applying mechanisms that ensure data is stored and retrieved as it was received?

A.    Integrity
B.    Availability
C.    Security
D.    Performance

Answer: A

What describes a landing zone in a disk drive?

A.    Area on which the read/write head rests
B.    Area where the read/write head lands to access data
C.    Area where the data is buffered before writing to platters
D.    Area where sector-specific information is stored on the disk

Answer: A
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