2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-880 Exam Dump Free Download!

Company A owns, and is authoritative, for the domain aco.com. Company A is in the process of consolidating systems as a result of the purchase of Company B. As part of this transition effort, network administrators have configured Company A’s DNS server zone files to include and become authoritative for Company B’s bco.com domain. The administrators want to turn off Company B’s DNS servers. Which two steps should be completed prior to this shutdown? (Choose two.)
A.    initiate zone transfer to A.root-servers.net
B.    create an aco.com to bco.com reverse zone configuration file
C.    reduce the TTL value for the aco.com domain
D.    require hosts on bco.com to update the IP address used for DNS resolution
E.    update the .com Top-Level name server entries for bco.com

Answer: DE

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