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You need to create a Flash Archive of a master server. You want to set the following characteristics of the archive:
The archive will be stored as /export/flash/flash_archive, but do not include the /export/flash directory in the archive
The archive description will be root_archive.
The archive must be compressed
The archive will be rooted at the root (/) directory admin is the author of the archive
Do not include Sizing information flash_root is the name of the Flash archive
Based on the above information, which command will you use to create the Flash Archive?

A.    flar create -n flash_root -C -R / -d root_archive \
B.    flar create -f flash_root -c -R / -d root_archive \
C.    flar create -c -R / -x /export/flash \
D.    flar create -n flash_root -c -R / -e root_archive \

Answer: D

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