This page was exported from Free Download Latest Braindump2goCisco Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Feb 19 1:28:04 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: Free Download Cisco CCNA 200-120 Practice Exams with PDF & VCE (111-120) --------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 111Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.)A.    provides common view of entire topologyB.    exchanges routing tables with neighborsC.    calculates shortest pathD.    utilizes event-triggered updatesE.    utilizes frequent periodic updates Answer: ACDExplanation:Each of routers running link-state routing protocol learns paths to all the destinations in its "area" so we can say although it is a bit unclear.Link-state routing protocols generate routing updates only (not the whole routing table) when a change occurs in the network topology soLink-state routing protocol like OSPF uses Dijkstra algorithm to calculate the shortest path -> . Unlike Distance vector routing protocol (which utilizes frequent periodic updates), link-state routing protocol utilizes event-triggered updates (only sends update when a change occurs) -> QUESTION 112Refer to the exhibit. Based on the exhibited routing table, how will packets from a host within the LAN be forwarded to A.    The router will forward packets from R3 to R2 to R1.B.    The router will forward packets from R3 to R1 to R2.C.    The router will forward packets from R3 to R2 to R1 AND from R3 to R1.D.    The router will forward packets from R3 to R1. Answer: CExplanation:From the routing table we learn that network is learned via 2 equal-cost paths ( & -> traffic to this network will be load-balancing. QUESTION 113Refer to the exhibit. C-router is to be used as a "router-on-a-stick" to route between the VLANs. All the interfaces have been properly configured and IP routing is operational. The hosts in the VLANs have been configured with the appropriate default gateway. What is true about this configuration? A.    These commands need to be added to the configuration:C-router(config)# router eigrp 123C-router(config-router)# network    These commands need to be added to the configuration:C-router(config)# router ospf 1C-router(config-router)# network area 0C.    These commands need to be added to the configuration:C-router(config)# router ripC-router(config-router)# network    No further routing configuration is required. Answer: DExplanation:Since all the same router (C-router) is the default gateway for all three VLANs, all traffic destined to a different VLA will be sent to the C-router. The C-router will have knowledge of all three networks since they will appear as directly connected in the routing table. Since the C-router already knows how to get to all three networks, no routing protocols need to be configured. QUESTION 114Which command would you configure globally on a Cisco router that would allow you to view directly connected Cisco devices? A.    enable cdpB.    cdp enableC.    cdp runD.    run cdp Answer: CExplanation:CDP is enabled on Cisco routers by default. If you prefer not to use the CDP capability, disable it with the no cdp run command. In order to reenable CDP, use the cdp run command in global configuration mode. The "cdp enable" command is an interface command, not global. QUESTION 115Refer to the exhibit. Why is flash memory erased prior to upgrading the IOS image from the TFTP server? A.    The router cannot verify that the Cisco IOS image currently in flash is valid.B.    Flash memory on Cisco routers can contain only a single IOS image.C.    Erasing current flash content is requested during the copy dialog.D.    In order for the router to use the new image as the default, it must be the only IOS image in flash. Answer: CExplanation:During the copy process, the router asked "Erasing flash before copying? [confirm]" and the administrator confirmed (by pressing Enter) so the flash was deleted. Note: In this case, the flash has enough space to copy a new IOS without deleting the current one. The current IOS is deleted just because the administrator wants to do so. If the flash does not have enough space you will see an error message like this:%Error copying tftp:// c1600-k8sy-mz.l23-16a.bin (Not enough space on device) QUESTION 116Refer to the exhibit. According to the routing table, where will the router send a packet destined for A. Answer: CExplanation:The destination IP address belongs to, & subnets but the "longest prefix match" algorithm will choose the most specific subnet mask -> the prefix "/29 will be chosen to route the packet. Therefore the next-hop should be -> . QUESTION 117Refer to the exhibit. Which address and mask combination represents a summary of the routes learned by EIGRP? A. Answer: CExplanation:The binary version of 20 is 10100.The binary version of 16 is 10000.The binary version of 24 is 11000.The binary version of 28 is 11100.The subnet mask is /28. The mask is the output above, EIGRP learned 4 routes and we need to find out the summary of them:+> The increment should bE. 28 ?16 = 12 but 12 is not an exponentiation of 2 so we must choose 16 (24). Therefore the subnet mask is /28 (=1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1111.11110000) = the best answer should be QUESTION 118Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the entire network topology is shown, what is the operational status of the interfaces of R2 as indicated by the command output shown? A.    One interface has a problem.B.    Two interfaces have problems.C.    The interfaces are functioning correctly.D.    The operational status of the interfaces cannot be determined from the output shown. Answer: CExplanation:The output shown shows normal operational status of the router's interfaces. Serial0/0 is down because it has been disabled using the "shutdown" command. QUESTION 119Which two locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image in the boot system command? (Choose two.) A.    RAMB.    NVRAMC.    flash memoryD.    HTTP serverE.    TFTP serverF.    Telnet server Answer: CEExplanation:The following locations can be configured as a source for the IOS image:1. + Flash (the default location)2. + TFTP server3. + ROM (used if no other source is found) QUESTION 120Refer to the exhibit. Given the output for this command, if the router ID has not been manually set, what router ID will OSPF use for this router? A. Answer: CExplanation:The highest IP address of all loopback interfaces will be chosen -> Loopback 0 will be chosen as the router ID. 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